Inflicted post........

Writing the first post on blog is truly very difficult task.
I had created five blogs in last one year, and sadly , none of them lived more hen a week. (all of them have catchy names though) but now I think I have realized that the catchy blog name will not help my craving to blog. The content is the main thing and Google baba told me that you have to bog on ‘hip n happening’ topics to get your blog enumerated in Google search. Who cares, especially, when I know beforehand, that I would be sole reader of my blog (may be one more)… 
i aim to gather at least six (dedicated)readers by the end of this year.
Reminds me of couplet of Faiz Ahmed 'faiz'

Kahaan se aaii nigaar-e-sabaa, kidhar ko gai
Abhi chiragh-e-sar-e-rah ko kuchh Khabar hii nahin
Abhi garaani-e-shab mein kami nahin aai
Najaat-e-deeda-o-dil ki ghadi nahin ai
Chale chalo key wo manzil abhi nahin aai

So far so good,
Now, I have finalizes that I will blog under this name, (serious blogging, I mean)

Hello world
Here I am…….

PS: I know my English sucks!, so you need not to tell me..
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